They say you can tell a man by his shoes.

We don’t know if that’s a 100% true, but a lot of people, especially leaders in the corporate world and most women, do judge a man by the quality of his shoes. That means that we craft much more than just quality men’s footwear, we craft products that can impact a man’s career and success with the opposite sex.

For that reason we take our craft very seriously and strive to produce the finest quality classic men’s shoes we can at an affordable price point. We put honor into designing and crafting elegant men’s footwear from the most durable and refined materials available.

Based in Egypt, we carefully select the materials and raw leather for every shoe and meticulously preserve the subtle nuances in the leather to craft unique and luxuriously feeling shoes. We keep in mind the way the shoe will be finished when we select the materials to enhance the original beauty of the leather. And we of course only use genuine leather for our shoes — both on our suede and smooth grain leather shoes.

We then craft every pair of shoes using the construction methods that best suit the specific style of shoe whether it’s a dressy business shoe, like an Oxford or Derby, or a more casual, yet equally refined and sophisticated Double Monk Strap, Moccasin, Brogue or Loafer.

Brava shoes are for the man who values the elegance and sophistication of classic men’s footwear and wants a durable and sturdy shoe with a sleek design. We design all our shoes to give you maximum comfort and an exclusive feel, while making sure you get most value for your money. We pair modern innovation in shoe construction with classic styles to bring you unique shoes that are sure to stand out, while refined enough to pair with any outfit.

A Brava shoe has as much work and thought put into its sole as it has into its upper to make sure that every shoe feels as great as they look. We carefully work out all the sticking and details to craft a shoe that will last you and only look better over time.

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